SOLVAY, Rosignano (Italy)


Solvay is an international chemical company founded in 1863. Its site in Rosignano, Italy, has developed an ultrapure hydrogen peroxide production unit for the semiconductor industry.

The company selected Veolia Water STI (Solutions & Technologies for Industry) to set up an ultrapure water production unit.



  • Construction of an ultrapure water production unit.
  • Securing the water purity level.
  • Achieving a very low threshold of boron, despite a potential arrival of 60 ppb in the demineralized water to be treated.
  • Compliance with silica standards.
  • Project to be carried out within a limited timeframe.



  • Filtration to remove particles from the demineralized water network.
  • Injection of soda to increase the pH and improve the rejection of chemicals,  especially Boron, through reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Reverse osmosis to reduce dissolved salts and remove organic matter.
  • Electrodeionization for polishing traces of silica and salinity.
  • Distribution loop with mixed bed and polishing filter.
  • Use of materials suitable for ultrapure water.


  • Continuous-operation unit.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Skid-mounted, prefabricated unit.
  • Implementationd deadline met.


  • Production capacity : 10 m3/ h
  • Water quality
    • TOC < 0.1 ppm
    • Boron < 5 ppt
    • Silica <0.5 ppbSiO2
  • Volume stored: 50 m3
  • Commissioning: March 2016
  • Doubling: November 2016