Ecodisk™ Filter - Hautecombe Abbey (73)

Ecodisk™Filter technology : the combination of an Ecodisk™ and a drum filter

Customer needs

The Hautecombe Foundation entrusts OTV Sud — a subsidiary of  Veolia Water Technologies — with the rehabilitation of the Hautecombe Abbey wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 510 population equivalent (PE). The historical site requires a compact technology that can be integrated in this exceptional site.

The client wished to develop its plant while respecting the following parameters: 

  • Compactness and architectural integration
  • Conservation of existing equipment
  • Efficient treatment of carbon and nitrogen pollution 
  • Autonomous and simple operation

The solution

Thanks to the modularity of the Ecodisk™ solution, OTV in partnership with PMT — a second subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies — proposed the implementation of Ecodisk™ Filter. biological disk integrating a filtration for separation of treated water.

The solution includes:

  • The reuse of the lift station, automatic bar screen and compactor
  • The conservation of the existing decanter digester
  • The installation of a two meter in diameter biodisk for a surface of 1900 square metre and a drum filter in a single equipment
  • The creation of a counting channel.

Treatment guarantees

Chemical oxygen demand: 61,20 kilogram per day (kg/d)
Five-day biochemical oxygen demand.: 30,6 kg/d
Proficiency testing: 1,53 kg/d
Total suspended solids: 45,9 kg/d
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen: 7,65 kg/d


510 PE
Daily flow : 77 cubic meters per day
Peak flow : 11 cubic meters per hour

Advantages of the solution

  • Reinforcement of the treatment capacity
  • Ecodisk Filter: two treatments in one single equipment
  • Treatment of carbonaceous and nitrogenous pollution in compliance with the new NH4<5 mg/l (ammonium less than five milligrams per litre) regulation
  • Sludge treatment by séparation on a drum filter
  • Low energy installation

The client

The Hautecombe Abbey is located in the commune of Saint-Pierre-de-Curtille, in an exceptional site, on the shores of Lake Bourget and at the foot of Mont du Chat.

Customer benefits

  • Perfect landscape integration, with no odor, visual or noise pollution
  • Compactness: All treatment stages in a single structure
  • Limited operating costs/automatic operation
  • Limited energy consumption
  • No addition of chemical products