First reuse reference in Belgium with our technological innovation CaptuRO!


First reuse reference in Belgium with our technological innovation CaptuRO!


Limelco is a producer of dairy products located in Zonhoven, Belgium. Its production capacity is planned to be further expanded in the coming years, including a new butter production line.

The existing treatment plant, which is obsolete and already heavily loaded, will not be able to handle the estimated 30% increase in effluent.

In order to continue to comply with the discharge standards, Limelco has entrusted VWT Belgium with the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 2,880 m³/d.

This future installation will consist of two buffer basins, pre-treatment with screening and flotation, aerobic treatment in the form of a membrane bioreactor (MBR) with nitrogen and phosphorus removal and sludge treatment. This will ensure that the water quality of the effluent is suitable for discharge to surface waters.

In addition, in an effort to reduce its environmental impact, the client has approved the integration of a reverse osmosis plant allowing the reuse of its effluent. This unit will be composed of a CaptuRO system, a major technological innovation of the VWT group. This is a semi-batch reverse osmosis plant that allows for a hydraulic recovery of more than 90%, compared to 70% for a conventional RO! In addition, CaptuRO drastically reduces the need for chemical cleaning and is very energy-efficient.


Limelco will thus be able to :

Meet its discharge standards

Reduce its ecological footprint on water

Reduce its waste costs

Save on chemicals and Energy