The efficient separation of oil and water is an ongoing challenge for the oil and gas industry. CoaFil™ is a disruptive deoiling technology using coalescing filtration for produced water and oily wastewater treatment.


CoaFil is a single technology replacing the secondary and tertiary treatment steps of the conventional deoiling process. It is designed for a higher feed of oil and solids for very low discharges. Using coalescing filtration, the principle is similar to media filtration but it allows for higher feed oil and solids concentrations and achieves very low discharge concentrations (less than 1 parts per million (ppm))


  • Allows feed concentrations up to 500 ppm of oil and 100 ppm of suspended solids
  • Exceeds the performance of other media filters for oil & solids.
  • Good performance without the need for chemicals
  • Oleophobic media means easier backwash and reduced risk of ‘mud-balling’ in the bed causing bypass.
  • Simple and short backwash with low backwash frequency


  • Single technology instead of two or three different technologies for ease of operation and reduced OPEX & CAPEX
  • Concentrated oil recovery.
  • Improve the performance of existing media filters by using CoaFil media 
  • Pilot and bench scale test units are available for customized proof of performance




CoaFil is ideal where oil-water separation is required in large volumes. It is primarily used as a single technology in the processing of oilfield produced waters where conventional deoiling technologies such as the Induced Gas Flotation, Nutshell Filters and other media/sand filters are used.